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Businesses processes typically span across multiple business departments and begin with a specific action. In employee onboarding, for example, the HR system could trigger a set of predefined workflow steps to send out a welcome email, configure security credentials and set up financial details in the compensation system. Automating the workflow steps in the business process typically improves the efficiency and accuracy of each step.

Business process automation takes advantage of a variety of advanced technology, including automation tools, process intelligence capabilities and cloud platforms. Moreover, business process automation capabilities are often used under the covers of popular enterprise apps such as ERP software, human capital management systems and other tools that enforce industry best practices.


The benefits of business process automation

Business process automation has become increasingly important in the quest by today’s enterprises to become digital businesses. Digital transformation depends on process automation, which often begins with converting information into computer-readable formats that then become part of enterprise-wide automation initiatives.

As a result, business process automation provides businesses with visibility into the status of process activities, from task reviews to the approval process. Furthermore, automation can also ensure that compliance regulations are followed.

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