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Quickly and efficiently generate documents, without completing the manual tasks traditionally involved in document creation

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Take control of your documents with automation.

As businesses have more and more documents to process, they need smart solutions that reduce manual processing, lower costs and errors, increase compliance, and enhance employee satisfaction. Document automation technology helps businesses to accomplish all these goals.

Document automation is most critical for users who need to create routine documents at scale frequently. Regardless of their industry, document automation software would prove beneficial to any individual or team that feels burdened by the extensive administrative work that goes into creating and sharing documents.

We support business with the adoption of document automation technology in order to streamline their document workflow and grasp the benefits of automated document assembly.


The benefits of document automation

The basic functions of document automation are to replace the cumbersome manual filling in of repetitive documents with template-based systems where the user answers software-driven interview questions or data entry screen. Subsequently, the information collected then populates the document to form a good first draft. Today’s document automation systems allow users to create their own data and rules (logic) without the need for programming via no-code.

While document automation software is used primarily in the legal, financial services, and risk management industries, it can be used in any industry that creates transaction-based documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions we encounter regarding document automation.

What is document automation?2022-10-24T14:04:20+02:00

Document automation is a software solution that creates business documents – such as invoices, contracts, communications, and more – based on features available through templates or coding. These documents are fully automated, and the templates can be customized according to a company’s use and purpose.

Document automation can be utilized for a wide range of cases. For example, you can create a quote from Salesforce. Or, allow internal and external clients to create legal documents as-a-service. Ultimately, a document automation solution can support almost any document generation process as it typically integrates with existing systems and enables you to easily create customized branded documents in just a few clicks.

What are the advantages of automating document generation?2022-10-24T13:11:08+02:00
  1. Reduce Errors: One major benefit of adopting document generation is reducing errors. Since there is less manual inputting of information and data, there is less margin for human errors, in both the creation process and overall formatting of the document. Also, with an automated system, there is less need for repetitive cutting, pasting, and double-checking for errors in documents.This process reduces the element of human error and leads to increased accuracy in document generation.
  1. Improve Efficiency and Productivity: Another advantage of document generation is the possibility of creating documents you need in a matter of minutes, which means improved sales efficiency and productivity.Organizations and employees can save time and effort, which allows for concentrating on crucial workflows and more urgent work. Rather than searching manually for documents, with automatically generated documents everything is automatically implemented with a click away.
  1. Ensure Consistency and Compliance: One critical benefit of automated document generation is security. Everything stored and processed on one platform allows for greater security for documentation and data.In addition, with pre-defined and approved templates and coding, it’s simple to create any type of document format, such as Word, PDF, Excel, and more.
Which teams typically leverage document automation?2022-10-24T15:05:23+02:00

There are many benefits to automating document generation and it has a wide variety of applications in many teams, including:

  • Legal; legal contracts, …
  • Compliance; NDAs, KYC documents, …
  • HR; employee onboarding, training documentation, …
  • Sales; proposals, terms & agreements, …
  • Backoffice; purchase agreements, invoices, …

In fact, any team that depends on paperwork can implement document generation automation to assist their process and ensure a paperless workflow.

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