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Leverage the knowledge that resides in your content.

In the first place, it is important to keep the available knowledge within the organization. Many companies exist longer than the life of their employees. In order not to be dependent on the retention of employees, it is important for an organization to safeguard this knowledge within the organization. By making explicit knowledge implicit, an organization can safeguard the continuity of the knowledge.

In other words…

Writing down knowledge in books, blogs or digital files helps to retain this knowledge internally. Recording this knowledge ensures that the knowledge can be transferred from specialist to specialist, even if the previous employee is no longer active within the organization.

Document and Email Management


Knowledge management.

Knowledge management is important because it boosts the efficiency of an organization’s decision-making ability. In making sure that all employees have access to the overall expertise held within the organization, a smarter workforce is built who are more able to make quick, informed decisions that benefit the company.


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