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The processing and transferring of personal data in a secure and lawful manner, has become extremely important and challenging for businesses around the world. Not only because of the severe sanctions on non-compliance under legislation as, for instance the GDPR but also because of its ever expanding character.

Being able to effectively communicate with authorities, handle complaints from individuals, and defend your case in a possible investigation, should form an integral part of your privacy and data protection business strategy.

We are able to draw on our experience and hands-on approach to not only advise our clients on practical data protection and privacy strategies, but also provide a wide range of innovative technology solutions to support and execute privacy and data protection strategies.


Our solutions for privacy & data protection.

Discover how our solutions enable businesses to adopt modern and resilient operating models to anticipate what’s next and lead the change.


Data Classification

Reduce risk and improve the usability and accessibility of data to derive more value from information assets.


Data Access Management

Embrace Zero Trust and provide policy based access to data without impacting the user experience.


Threat Detection & Monitoring

Pro-actively detect cyber threats and data breaches to prevent bad actors from ruining your business.


Retention & Records Management

Ensure information is retained based on retention polices and disposed when it reaches end-of-life.

We make sure business and IT requirements are met

For every project our team ensures a great fit of the solution, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We follow a clear and transparent project approach to get you up and running fast – without false promises and compromising on quality.

Our approach

Our business consultants assess your business processes and document workflows to understand digital maturity and improvement opportunities.

Our functional and technical consultants provide a comprehensive design that aligns with your technology stack and fits your business needs and requirements.

A seamless transition harnessing IRIS’s skills, knowledge and experience

Proactive maintenance & Support services to ensure your business processes keep performing.

Business consultancy for continuous improvements aligned to your evolving needs.

Let’s accelerate your digital business transformation

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