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Data access management technology allows businesses to authorize users, employees and other stakeholders to access company data in a manner that meets security, privacy and compliance requirements. These requirements are typically set by security best practices and official regulations, such as GDPR. These regulations often require businesses to audit and place controls over the entities that can access sensitive information.

The main purpose of data access management is to ensure that access to business content within a business complies with the company’s policies and official regulations. While access policies are driven by many considerations, they largely fall under the category of security, privacy and compliance.


The benefits of data access management

In today’s digital age, business face a more complex regulatory environment than ever when it comes to protecting personal data. However, this must be balanced with the need for efficient, data-driven decision-making.

As such, how users are assigned access to data across your organization has enormous implications.

Data access management tools support businesses to create the right framework to ensure information governance but without sacrificing on security.

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iManage Security Policy Manager

iManage Security Policy Manager

Secure critical content across multiple repositories with need-to-know security access, without affecting productivity or performance.

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