Proactively minimize the risk of a data breach.

Threat detection is the practice of analyzing the entirety of a business ecosystem to identify any malicious activity that could compromise the business. If a threat is detected, then mitigation efforts must be enacted to properly neutralize the threat before it can exploit any present vulnerabilities.

Threat detection requires both a human element, as well as a technical element. The human element includes security analysts who analyze trends, patterns in data, behaviors, and reports, as well as those who can determine if anomalous data indicates a potential threat or a false alarm.

But threat detection technology also plays a key part in the detection process. We provide various technologies to help businesses secure the entirely of their business environment, from end to end, to identify and capture threats before they become a serious problem.


The benefits of threat detection & monitoring

When it comes to detecting and mitigating threats, speed is crucial. Security programs must be able to detect threats quickly and efficiently so bad actors don’t have enough time to root around in sensitive data.

Once in place, threat intelligence tooling supports a business with the detection and monitoring of “known” and “unknown” threats. Known threats involve analyzing user behavior to detect outliers as soon as possible whereas unknown threats typically involve unrelated activities detected on the network over time.

Leverage threat intelligence technology to prevent bad actors from impacting your business operations.

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Technology to detect and mitigate threats.

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iManage Threat Manager

iManage Threat Manager

Sophisticated threat detection, intervention to prevent data loss, analytics and data governance to protect sensitive content with compliance monitoring.

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