21 02, 2023

Why law firms are adopting cloud-based document management solutions

2023-02-23T13:10:41+01:00February 21st, 2023|Blog|

As an experienced account manager for our clients, I have dealt with numerous law firms that are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency by adopting new technology to facilitate new ways of working. Ultimately, every law firm's goal is to deliver the best legal services to their clients. In this blog, I will explain why we see a major shift in the adoption of cloud-based document management systems – and how we help law firms transition from legacy document management systems towards modern, cloud-based solutions for document management. The difficulty to keep up Before cloud-based document management [...]

30 01, 2023

E-sign documents via Scrive directly from iManage

2023-01-30T13:47:52+01:00January 30th, 2023|News|

We have teamed up with Scrive to offer seamless e-signing. With the Scrive e-signature integration for iManage, electronic signatures are built directly into the platform so you can streamline workflows, save valuable time, and avoid the cumbersome challenges of a typical signing process — without compromising on security. Normally, end-users would have to export their documents to their computer and then upload these files to Scrive; an error-prone and tedious procedure. The integration provides users the option to digitally sign via Scrive, by selecting one or more documents. The selected documents are automatically uploaded to Scrive, where the signing process [...]

15 07, 2022

Latest iManage features

2022-09-19T09:54:18+02:00July 15th, 2022|News|

Latest iManage features 10.4.2 Apply permissions to files in bulk Add, remove, replace user / group access to selected files all at once. This can be done with careful exceptions. Get to your files faster by hiding subfolders In folders with many subfolders, quickly hide the subfolder to only see the files. Status banner allows you to quickly show all subfolders again. Switch views document or email views In folders with both documents and emails, choose your sort & filter focus. Easily switch between focuses to [...]

7 07, 2022

IRIS Nederland experiences 25% Customer Growth in DACH region in the first semester of 2022

2022-07-07T12:32:27+02:00July 7th, 2022|News|

IRIS Nederland experiences 25% Customer Growth in DACH region in the first semester of 2022 IRIS Nederland announced today that the company has realized a 25 percent growth in customers in the first semester of 2022 compared to 2021. Underpinning this business growth has been a nearly 300% increase in iManage Work document and email management solution deployments in the cloud in the DACH region. The legal profession is steadily increasing its trust and reliance on cloud. According to ILTA’s Tech Survey 2021, the ruling cloud philosophy for more than 40% of respondents is “cloud with every upgrade.” [...]

7 06, 2022

Co-Flo Enterprise and IRIS Nederland enter strategic partnership

2022-07-29T13:39:46+02:00June 7th, 2022|News|

Co-Flo Enterprise and IRIS Nederland enter strategic partnership IRIS Nederland, a Canon company and leading enterprise information specialist, is glad to announce its strategic partnership with, an enterprise-level solution that consolidates multiple technology platforms to provide process automation, workflow management and business process best practice. Unlike disparate, standalone, or niche systems requiring extensive integrations, Co-Flo simplifies businesses’ technology architectures ensuring an enhanced user experience and limiting additional IT administration overheads as firms and corporates navigate their technology roadmaps. Co-Flo seamlessly integrates with iManage Work to provide valuable process automation functionality to an already great platform. Designed for professional [...]