The No-Code Automation Platform Designed for Knowledge Professionals.

In today’s fast-paced digital business landscape, people expect to be serviced fast, accurate and comprehensively. This accounts for the delivery of services towards employees but also towards customers. Organizations who are capable of making sure that they are able to provide services in digitally way will not only realize efficiency gains but also improve customer experience.

BRYTER’s no-code automation platform enables business experts to easily build digital solutions to automate complex services, without the need for programming.

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Use BRYTER to easily and securely automate your most mundane and repetitive tasks without the need of IT.

Easily collaborate with subject matter experts

Bridge the gap between software developers and knowledge professionals with a platform designed specifically for this collaboration.

All the functionality you need to go digital

Combine pre-built, fully customizable components like conditional decisions, risk scoring, and notifications to provide digital services, the way you want to.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing technology

Use existing data in your applications whilst provision your systems with new information to streamline business processes and information governance.

The all-in-one development platform
for knowledge professionals

BRYTER is the only enterprise application development platform built specifically for legal, compliance, and procurement work.



Make your expertise available on-demand, 24/7

Dynamically intake, interact with and deliver information.


Self-service experiences

Intake requests and deliver information to users in a dynamic, intuitive and interactive way.

Communicate across channels

Embed apps where people work – from your intranet to MS Teams, Salesforce, DocuSign and iManage.

Pre-built Integrations with your data sources

Integrate your apps directly with your existing databases and records to ensure information governance.



Save time by automating everything that can be standardized

Apply expert reasoning to streamline processes and make auomated decisions.

Apply expert reasoning to digital processes

Take business and legal reasoning and translate it into the rule logic for your applications.

“It depends” — automated

Move the data collected through your decision tree. Define pathways, apply risk scoring, and deliver instant advice.


Deliver answers, documents, and decisions automatically

Generate documents, provide answers, trigger approvals, and manage business content.


Automate documents

Automatically create contracts and reports, customized to each request, with your company branding.

Trigger emails and approvals

Send e-mails and trigger actions when processes are done, decisions are made, or documents are ready.

Automate processes end-to-end

Pull from a database to generate contracts, push them DocuSign for e-signature, store them within your existing document management system like iManage, and more.



Track all data in one place to drive continuous improvement

Track usage and access powerful insights to make data-driven and strategic decisions that drive your business forward.

Case and matter management

A central place where work of knowledge professionals can be understood, managed, and prioritized.

A single source of content truth

Manage your content or connect to an existing content management system like iManage or SharePoint.

Readily available insights

Take the guesswork out of process improvement with actionable data and clear insights — all in one place.

See BRYTER in action

Experience BRYTER yourself by trying one (or more) of our demo apps below.


NDA Generator

Enable users to create a NDA on the fly based on existing input from legal.


Contract Risk Assessor

Enable users to immediately review a contract based on your own legal playbook.


Dawn Raid App

Provide users with actionable guidance before, when and after a dawn raid occurs.

Build smart apps and streamline your business processes

With BRYTER, legal, compliance, and procurement teams are able to provide their services digitally with embedded, intuitive applications.


Create a frictionless experience to request and provide legal services

Stop chasing information across multiple channels. BRYTER provides a comprehensive platform to centralize legal intake, route all requests to one email inbox, and easily manage all your matters.

Don’t worry about the provisioning of information, as BRYTER seamlessly integrates with MS Teams, Slack, and your email inbox.


One place for all legal requests

One secure resource for all legal requests across the entire organization.

Work your way, anywhere

Empower teams to request legal assistance instantly, from anywhere and on any device.

Data-driven insights

Get actionable, data-driven insights to support decision-making with digital intake and matter management.

Seamless integrations with existing solutions

Deliver frictionless work experiences within Microsoft Teams, Slack and your email client.


Stay on top of all open matters

One place to track and manage all of your open matters that includes:

Individual dashboards

Provide personal, tailored dashboards for each legal professional on your team.

Department overview

Provide a clear and comprehensive overview for management purposes at all times.

Document and file upload

Securely create, onboard and offboard documents based on your templates and expertise.

Automatic updates for clients and stakeholders

Keep everyone informed with automatic notifications of the status of their requests via email, MS Teams or Slack.


“We help our clients with hands-on advice. Always with their ambitions and goals in mind. Open, honest and transparent.”

Carlo – Consultant

Helping knowledge professionals work better with intelligent information management solutions


Easily collaborate on case files, review documents, and share knowledge with colleagues and clients in a secure and seamless manner.


Implement robust security measures such as need-to-know access and proactive monitoring to manage risk and meet regulatory requirements.


Secure file-sharing, detailed insights and reporting and flexible collaboration with internal teams for all business content.


Manage the full lifecycle of documents and contracts from A to Z all from within a secure, governed and easy to use interface.

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