Transform the way you deliver services to employees and customers.

In today’s fast-paced digital business landscape, people expect to be serviced fast, accurate and comprehensively. This accounts for the delivery of services towards employees but also towards customers. Organizations who are capable of making sure that they are capable of delivering services in an automated way will not only realize efficiency gains but also improve customer experience.

BRYTER’s no-code automation platform enables business experts to easily build digital solutions to automate complex services, without the need for programming.


of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies, by 2025


Build digital applications
without writing a line of code.


Everything you need to go from service to self-service.

Easily build digital solutions to automate complex services, without coding. BRYTER is a modular no-code automation platform that turns any service into a digital end-to-end process.

Enable your business teams to automate their most mundane and repetitive tasks without the need of IT.

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Truly no-code

BRYTER is intuitive, fast, secure and easy-to-use.

Digital Workplace

Enterprise ready

BRYTER is ISO certified and provides bank-grade security.

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Data and analytics

Get actionable insights, BRYTER offers full transparency.

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Industry integrations

BRYTER offers full interoperability with out-of-the box API’s.

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Complex decisioning

Powerful business rule engine: add logic, actions and integrations.

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Document automation

Full document assembly capabilities, combined with decisioning.

Create documents quickly and easily.

Turn any text into an application that allows you to automatically create any document, template and email.

  • Upload templates with your branding and style
  • Create templates in Microsoft Word with the MS Word Add-in
  • Export documents in any format: Word, PDF, email

  • Integrate with your document management system


Incorporate business decisions in workflows.

Enterprise services are more than workflows. They involve complex logic and decisions.

  • Automate complex decisioning
  • Create scoring systems
  • Manage business rules


One platform to enable various teams to digitize their services.

Discover how BRYTER is being used by various business teams for the digitization of their services towards colleagues and customers.


Spend more time on valuable work with legal workflow automation. Some examples of solutions where legal professionals are using BRYTER for:

  • Creation of “Legal Front Door”
  • Virtual Legal Assistant
  • Contract Generator (e.g. NDA’s)
  • Contract Reviewer


Spend more time on the complex tax and accounting work and automate repetitive actions. Some examples of solutions where accounting professionals are using BRYTER for:

  • VAT Checker
  • Fiscal Residence Checker
  • Tax Relief Assistant
  • DAC6 Reporting Identification Tool


Leverage regulatory technology for better risk management procedures. Some examples of solutions where compliance professionals are using BRYTER for:

  • Corporate Compliance Advisor
  • Whisteblower Pipeline
  • KYC Checker
  • AML Assistant
Tools made with BRYTER

What is your use case?

An intuitive no-code platform with out-of-the-box integrations. See how BRYTER is being used to transform service delivery for legal, compliance, HR and many other teams.

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For every project our team ensures a great fit of the solution, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We follow a clear and transparent project approach to get you up and running fast – without false promises and compromising on quality.

Our approach

Our business consultants assess your business processes and document workflows to understand digital maturity and improvement opportunities.

Our functional and technical consultants provide a comprehensive design that aligns with your technology stack and fits your business needs and requirements.

A seamless transition harnessing IRIS’s skills, knowledge and experience

Proactive maintenance & Support services to ensure your business processes keep performing.

Business consultancy for continuous improvements aligned to your evolving needs.

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