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Transform the world of contract and legal documents.

New employees often have to spend hours searching through contracts to find the right data they need for documents, analysis, and due diligence. With iManage Contract Intelligence this is a thing of the past. This legal AI engine transforms how organizations review and manage contracts. AI increases efficiency and gains an accurate understanding of the risks and opportunities within their contract portfolio. Free your employees with AI and let them focus more on the aspects of their job that they relish and provide value.

Get more value out of your organization’s data with Contract Intelligence

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Key Benefits

iManage Contract Intelligence

Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets

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Get More Out Of Your Data

Contract Intelligence organizes large document sets into specific categories or clusters.

Contract Intelligence features predefined extractors that can automatically identify and extract relevant data from contracts and variety of document types from a seamless user interface. With the self-training module, your employees can easily train on iManage Extract to extract the right content from industry or company specific documents and datasets. Extractors can be re-used across projects to develop new departmental solutions quickly at a lower cost.

Manage Your Business Content Effortlessly

Enhanced user experience makes you more productive.

  • iManage Contract Intelligence smart (AI) features save time, improve productivity and streamline projects
  • In-document search cuts through the clutter and automatically identifies relevant information within sections of a document.
  • Dynamic event notification reduces the need for training and improves user adoption across project teams
  • In-context review and preview of extracted terms allows reviewing teams to further validate the data in context of the original agreement.
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Deployment Options

Available as Cloud solution and on-premises

The iManage Work document and email management solution is available as a Cloud-based, preconfigured solution – but can also be deployed on-premises.

Cloud, on-premises or hybrid

iManage Contract Intelligence is available in the iManage Cloud.


Integrate with your other applications

Out of the box iManage seamlessly integrates with business applications as Outlook, Gmail and ERP systems. Besides the standard integrations we successfully integrated iManage to many other unique applications as practice management systems to keep systems in sync and your team confident in its data.

We make sure business and IT requirements are met

For every project our team ensures a great fit of the solution, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We follow a clear and transparent project approach to get you up and running fast – without false promises and compromising on quality.

Our approach

Our business consultants assess your business processes and document workflows to understand digital maturity and improvement opportunities.

Our functional and technical consultants provide a comprehensive design that aligns with your technology stack and fits your business needs and requirements.

A seamless transition harnessing IRIS’s skills, knowledge and experience

Proactive maintenance & Support services to ensure your business processes keep performing.

Business consultancy for continuous improvements aligned to your evolving needs.

Clients We Work With.

Trusted by leading organizations to support them in their digital transformation journey

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