Further enhance your solutions with technology developed by IRIS.

IRIS is a preferred reseller and system integrator of iManage, Litera Microsystems and Zivver and have realized more than 200+ implementations as a partner globally.

The technology that we provide contains rich functionalities and features which in most cases meets the wishes and requirements of our customers. However, sometimes very specific functionality is required which isn’t standard available.

That’s where our own developed IRIS technology comes in, providing specific tools and integrations to ensure a solution works for your specific situation.

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Enhance your iManage experience with our solutions.

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IRIS PMS/ERP Connector

Automatically source iManage with data coming from a PMS or ERP system and save valuable time.

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IRIS Advanced Office Integration

Seamlessly integrate iManage Work capabilities with Microsoft Office through several plugins.

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IRIS Scan2DMS + PDFreconcile

Scan documents and make them full-text searchable whilst upload the documents automatically to your DMS.

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IRIS Exporter

Export documents, folders or complete workspaces from iManage Work without losing the original folder structure.

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IRIS SPM Connector

Automatically source security policies created in iManage SPM to other business applications.

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IRIS Security Console

Simplify iManage Work group
management and workspace security management.

Scrive e-Sign intergration for iManage

You can now sign all your documents (in PDF format) directly from iManage (Work) in an easy, efficient and secure way using Scrive, an online electronic signature portal.

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Technology to make your business work better.

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iManage Cloud

The most advanced Cloud platform for document and email management to manage all your business content on any device, anywhere and anytime.

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iManage Work

A complete matter-centric document and email management solution to manage all your business content efficiently, easily and securely.

iManage Threat Manager

iManage Threat Manager

Sophisticated threat detection, intervention to prevent data loss, analytics and data governance to protect sensitive business content.

iManage Security Policy Manager

iManage Security Policy Manager

Secure critical content across multiple repositories with need-to-know security access, without affecting productivity or performance.

iManage Insight

iManage Insight

Transform collective knowledge into insights to find experts, best practices, and connect to enterprise data for better results.

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iManage Extract

Deliver new insights and increase business value using AI to identify and extract information from your documents.

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iManage Share

Easily share and collaborate on business content securely with internal and external stakeholders from your Document Management System.

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iManage Records Manager

A single, intuitive interface for physical and electronic records management to keep your business content secure and compliant.

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Addressing specific use cases with technology that simply works.

Sometimes a standard solution doesn’t tick all the boxes in terms of the desired functionalities. Even though iManage is very complete platform, we noticed that customers where looking for specific features – mostly in the area of enhanced integrations with existing systems.

That’s why we developed our own suite of iManage solutions, to ensure our customers have all the tools they need to have the best experience possible working with iManage.


Achieve your business goals through innovative technology.

The ability to adopt the right technology for your business is key to stay competitive in today’s digital world. Our team of specialists ensure that in every project we perform, we tailor the solutions to your specific business needs and requirements. This way, we maximize the value of your Digital Transformation initiatives and set you up for long-term success.

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  • We work with leading technology providers

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