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We are proud to have a long-term partnership with Litera Microsystems. Just like us, Litera has been at the forefront of legal technology for 25+ years. As the global leader in workflow, AI-powered due diligence review and analysis, collaboration, and data management solutions, Litera provides legal teams with streamlined technology for creating, analyzing, and managing their documents, deals, cases, and data.

We help law firms and legal teams adopt technology from Litera, to streamline legal operations and work more efficiently, accurately, and competitively, and to provide their clients with usable and actionable information.

  • We are partnered with Litera Microsystems for over 10 years

  • Litera offers a very broad suite of solutions to enhance legal operations

  • Proven solutions which are used by thousands of organizations globally

The solutions of Litera Microsystems help you solve your biggest document drafting and collaboration challenges.

Simplify Document Drafting

Streamline the workflow of legal professionals and create operational efficiencies for IT departments by providing a unified solution for document drafting through a single Microsoft Word ribbon.

Transform Key Deal Types

Easily and securely manage all transactions and simplify workflows across many different deal types to streamline how deals are run and provide a better experience.

Manage Data for Enhanced Collaboration and Security

Control data chaos and improve your data security and information governance in multiple systems at once to mitigate risk.

Document lifecycle technology for legal professionals

The solutions from Litera Microsystems enable legal professionals to create, analyze, and manage their documents, deals, cases, and data.


Create next-gen first drafts quicker

Use templates and intuitive styling tools for quicker first drafts with smart document automation and content reuse .

Draft Faster

Streamline repetitive tasks in the creation of legal documents, saving up to 85% of drafting time.

Access Everything in One Place

Avoid the need to click through different tabs and different products from multiple vendors to accomplish a task; instead, have all the tools needed in one place.

Ensure Governed Reuse of Data

Automatically anonymize and save content from documents into content libraries for safe, future reuse.

Litera Dasktop Toolbar


All the features legal professionals need for smart document creation


Create templates, precedents, boilerplates, and template packs, making them available to all or specific users.

Numbering and TOCs

Define and manipulate existing numbering, styles, and generate multiple table of contents in a document.

Share Content

Share clauses between users or across departments and facilitate better internal collaboration from within Microsoft Word.

House Pleadings

Apply firm styles (signatures, names, etc.) to the federal and court pleadings.


Provide a seamless workflow with content and template integration

Connect Litera with your existing document management system to leverage existing knowledge whilst ensuring document integrity and governance from initial creation to a fully drafted document.

“We help our clients with hands-on advice. Always with their ambitions and goals in mind. Open, honest and transparent.”

Carlo – Consultant

Helping knowledge professionals work better with intelligent information management solutions


Easily collaborate on case files, review documents, and share knowledge with colleagues and clients in a secure and seamless manner.


Implement robust security measures such as need-to-know access and proactive monitoring to manage risk and meet regulatory requirements.


Secure file-sharing, detailed insights and reporting and flexible collaboration with internal teams for all business content.


Manage the full lifecycle of documents and contracts from A to Z all from within a secure, governed and easy to use interface.

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