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Litera Litigation Companion

Reduce the time and effort it takes to deliver court ready documents

Mitigate Potential Issues

Deliver court-ready documents, fast and easy

Litigation Companion is a document review and Table of Authorities (TOA) creation solution that drastically reduces the time and effort it takes to deliver a document. Through the use of AI, it automatically flags hard-to-see content and citation errors and builds a comprehensive TOA in minutes. Never feel the pressure of creating a TAO last minute ever again!

Less pressure, better quality

No more reading through a document, highlighting citations and manually mark them. Litigation Companion automatically detects and codes each citation and generates a TOA with the single click of a button, helping litigators quickly and efficiently check their documents and ensure consistent formatting.

Key Features

Litera Litigation Companion

Save valuable time through the automated creation of a TOA to review your documents faster

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Court Ready Documents

Safely speed up the review process

Contract Companion is fully integrated with the solutions you already use, so you are able to review documents without the need of switching to another application. Contract Companion’s features are tailored for professionals who need reliable feedback on potential content and format issues. If any, it also helps the user to resolve any issues to ensure a quality document is the final result.

Between investigating claims, building cases through fact development and legal research, and drafting pleadings and briefs, litigation teams have a huge caseload. They face pressure to make documents right and, to mitigate potential issues, wait until the last minute to create a tedious TOA that takes hours in a stressful race against the filing deadline.

Ensure the level of quality your stakeholders expect and speed up the review process with Contract Companion.

Gain new velocity with AI powered proofreading as a:

High Return on Investment

Why Litigation Companion

No more time pressure, Litigation Companion takes away the frustration of TOA creation and document review.

  • Work Smarter – Let technology handle the review and TOA processes to eliminate stress at the 11th hour and allow the team to focus more on higher-priority work.

  • Improve Quality – Go beyond spellcheck with the ability to automatically catch then fix all hard-to-find errors and confirm the accuracy of citation formats.

  • Reduce Risks – Implement last-minute changes quickly and accurately with searchable TOAs, helping the team meet deadlines and avoid re-work.

Organizations who are using Litera Contract Companion report an average time savings of one hour per week per user! 

Start streamlining your litigation process today and see the high return on investment due to the valuable time saved – which can be spend on other business activities.

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Seamless Integrations

Connect with solutions you already use

Litigation Companion is a document review and Table of Authorities (TOA) creation solution which can be easily integrated with solutions you’re already using

Seamless integration with MS Office

Litera Litigation Companion is fully integrated within Microsoft Office and comes with an add-in within the menu options. Let your team use all the powerful functionalities without ever having to leave MS Office – and improve their efficiency without disrupting them in their workflow.

Connects with Legal Research solutions

Litera Litigation Companion can be connected with leading legal research solutions, to ensure your team is able to deliver to highest quality legal documents in an easy and convenient way. Currently Litigation Companion can be used in combination with Bloomberg Law, Casetext, LexisNexis and Westlaw Edge.

We make sure business and IT requirements are met

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Our functional and technical consultants provide a comprehensive design that aligns with your technology stack and fits your business needs and requirements.

A seamless transition harnessing IRIS’s skills, knowledge and experience

Proactive maintenance & Support services to ensure your business processes keep performing.

Business consultancy for continuous improvements aligned to your evolving needs.

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