What we do

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is all about seeking solutions to enable the optimum use of information within organisations, to help maximise business value. Our use of an overarching solution for all information flows in an organisation allows both structured and non-structured information to be managed properly and securely and to be presented dynamically to users, always in the context of an action or process.

People have always had a need for information; what has drastically changed in recent years is merely how this need is met. The challenges today are diverse:

  • Doing away with old-fashioned information silos to improve information accessibility between applications
  • Satisfying legislation and regulation on data — an absolute requirement in today’s marketplace
  • Meeting the need to excel operationally and leverage the best from the organisation
  • Managing the increased security risks and knowledge leakage that are being caused by the introduction of social media and cloud programmes
  • Meeting employees’ expectations to enjoy the same functionalities and performance at work that they have in their private lives

I.R.I.S. allows you to rise to all these challenges, using its successful Enterprise Information Management. We map your organisational strategy onto a more particularly defined information strategy, allowing us to deliver solution-oriented projects that give you the best value for money.


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