Input management

Input management is about the optimising of incoming information flows. Essential as this is for many organisations, it is quite a challenge to manipulate large or entire streams of documents and data. This is especially so if you have to do it manually. IRIS distinguishes between the following sub-components of input management:


Intelligently digitising documents helps safeguard quality and enables the further processing of incoming documents. IRIS has been supplying high-quality scanning software ever since we came into being in 1987. We use our proprietary OCR software to make a full indexation of documents. Our patented compression algorithms mean your files will be smaller than otherwise, saving you on storage capacity and allowing documents to be rendered more quickly on users’ screens.

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Classification is a prerequisite for successful document management and record management. It is also a necessity for the smooth running of a business, since invoice settlement is quite a different matter than dealing with change-of-address notifications, for instance. But this time-consuming and error-prone process can be automated.

Automatic categorisation of documents allows information to arrive sooner at the right place for processing. This boosts internal and external customer satisfaction, shortens your paper mail response time and saves costs concomitantly. For this service, IRIS guarantees a positive return on investment within your business model.

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Documents that have undergone classification are further processed in a content-based process within organisations. Key data from the document are lifted — this could be, for instance, the customer number on a contract, the machine-readable zone (MRZ) on a passport, or line items on invoices. IRIS offers a custom digitisation service for this, so that data relevant to your organisation will be flagged up and captured.

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Business requirement

Efficiency: IRIS solutions allow a great degree of automation for incoming document recognition, processing and archiving procedures. This means that a very decent return on investment is achieved quickly.

Customer satisfaction: Process automation drastically increases processing speed and improves accuracy, meaning a positive effect on quality.

Compliance: IRIS scanning software enables you to save documents in the right file format for standards-compliant archiving. The software also enables information sensitivity to be taken into account during processing, such as by separating out processing steps and, where applicable, automating them.

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