Legal advice is a knowledge-intensive and information-intensive industry with a high level of work pressure. Just like integrity, rapid access to the right knowledge and/or information is one of the essentials for an office, profession group or individual worker to be able to stand out in this competitive market.

IRIS supports legal practices and organisations’ legal departments with their information policy, from matter intake to the eventual destruction of content. The application of Enterprise Information Management, which is set up to work on a dossier basis, allows documents, e-mails and financial data to be displayed in the context of a dossier or client. This allows the user to retrieve dossier-related and/or client-related content quickly, straightforwardly and from anywhere, from a single central point of access.

In addition to indexing documents, it is also important to identify and capture the knowledge contained in these documents and e-mails. IRIS’ Knowledge Management and Collaboration solutions set organisations up for this key component of success.

With more than 80 implementations in the legal sector, IRIS in partnership with iManage is the WorkSite market leader in Europe. We are also keen to demonstrate to you our detailed grasp of your processes and tell you more about our best practice implementation approach WorkSite FastTrack.

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