Application Management

Increasingly, an enterprise information management solution is a prominent, central feature of an organisation’s IT landscape. As these environments are growing in both functionality and usage, they are becoming business-critical, so good management of them is crucial for business continuity.

IRIS offers organisations central access to support and query services. With a team of experienced support engineers, with direct contact between you and our software partners, and with the right support tools in place, IRIS offers real added value to your organisation.

We are able to supply functional and technical administration at a high level — and not just for standard administration tasks, either. We have a deeper field of vision than most administration services: IRIS has the tools in house to monitor EIM systems proactively. In addition, our functional and technical consultants’ extensive experience ensures that they can appraise your systems quickly and expertly. This allows us to act rapidly in the event of any problems and to have your system up and running again in short order.

Any service level agreement (SLA) that we draw up will always be based on your organisation’s internal key performance indicators (KPIs). In practically all cases, IRIS can come up with a tailored SLA. There are essentially three categories of support service we offer.


Product Support

Under the maintenance agreement pertaining to the software supplied by IRIS and its partners, IRIS offers technical support of the standard software. Where necessary, IRIS will consult the software suppliers, such as iManage or OpenText. IRIS is its customers’ central point of contact, meaning you will have no doubts as to where to turn with your queries. Also, IRIS has special knowledge of its customers’ environments, so it can act in a focused and effective manner.


Implementation Support

Increasingly, software products come as part of a larger solution delivered to organisations and not infrequently, integrations and custom products are involved. As a result of this trend, organisations are not looking for product support but for support of the complete solution purchased.

With Implementation Support, IRIS offers a broad range of support to your entire EIM solution, from the functional to the technical aspects!

A sample of the options that are available above and beyond Basic Product Support coverage are monthly reports, change impact analyses and patch management.


Implementation Support & Monitoring

Many organisations are in flux and this is reflected in their EIM environments. New functionalities, scaling up the numbers of user accounts, and adding in new document flows are instances of situations that will affect an environment’s performance and stability.

IRIS proactively delivers custom management, completely attuned to organisations’ wishes and requirements. The use of performance monitoring tools ensures that you have insight into current performance levels and trends. Thanks to this, we can proactively offer advice and avoid problems.

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