Business Consultancy

We give commercial advice so that organisations can make well-founded choices about their enterprise content management. The advice may, for instance, concern choice of software package, process set-up or procedural support.

It is increasingly the case that a copper-bottomed business case is an absolute must before a project can receive the go-ahead. IRIS can help here by always linking a given project back to the strategy and aims of the organisation in question.

We start out with research in the form of business analysis, the aim of which is to take a holistic look at the organisation’s “business system” before proceeding to offer consultancy. The information arising from this stage is valuable in the subsequent steps, particularly when setting up the functional design, but also in order to test the project results.

As well as setting up a business case and advising on your new data environment, we are also diligent in analysing your existing environments. Today’s changing markets, the altered composition of organisations and their business models, and newly-available functionalities are all good reasons to conclude that optimisation is in order. A quick initial consultation will allow us to indicate to you whether there is room for improvement in your organisation, and if so, where.

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