Implementation services

Functional Consultancy

IRIS helps its customers translate their organisation’s wishes and requirements into an EIM strategy. The results are a set of implementation advice, a functional solution and clarity about the project scope.

During workshops held with your organisation’s business representatives, we set out the process and map it across to the product that is to be implemented. This might be either an off-the-shelf or a custom product. Our functional consultants assume responsibility for the layout and configuration of your new system, and guide the project testing phase. They then remain involved in the actual implementation of the system and provide any necessary aftercare. It goes without saying that they always bear in mind the capacities of the system to support and optimise your business processes.


Technical Consultancy

IRIS’ technical consultants are responsible for drawing up your architecture plan. Key issues at stake here are your data availability (including at any disaster recovery locations), performance requirements and the forecast growth in information quantities. It is on the basis of this plan that your environment will receive its technical setup to prepare for functional implementation.

IRIS proactively advises organisations regarding the technical management of their EIM environment, to keep them up-to-date and future-proof.



It can sometimes be the case that a system’s off-the-shelf functionality is not perfectly matched to a given organisation’s wishes or requirements. In such situations, IRIS first of all examines whether the desired functionality can be achieved by means of an add-on module. Should that not be the case, custom solutions can be delivered instead.

It is worth knowing that a whole range of add-on modules is available for both OpenText and iManage products. In addition to these, IRIS has plenty of experience in supplying custom solutions.

To allow structured data and documents to be used optimally, IRIS supplies a wide range of options for integration between registration systems (such as ERP or CRM) and an EIM environment. These bridges are standardised by means of IRIS add-on modules. Applications to which we have added bridges include SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics, Aderant, Fidura, Exact, SalesManager and Maconomy.



IRIS provides solution-oriented training courses as part of the implementation process it offers. These courses are custom-designed for the various user groups, in consultation with our customers. As well as training user groups through the traditional classroom method, we also train the instructors. A component of training not to be underestimated is that of training the organisation that will be running the software, so that business-critical systems can be fully supported.

Product certification is done in close collaboration with our software partners.


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