WorkSite FastTrack

WorkSite FastTrack by IRIS – speed up deployment, reduce cost and improve productivity.

Reliable, fast access to documentation and email is crucial for corporate legal and law firms, and in today’s information based society, that means electronic access. Being able to seamlessly capture and add key index information to any document or email is a fundamental requirement, without placing an undue burden on the user. Associating each item with the correct matter, client or case file, storing in an organised, hierarchical way, makes later retrieval much quicker and simpler.

There are many solutions available today that claim to achieve this, but most fall short in one area or another. Perhaps they lack the ability to use mobile devices, or have no integration to Practice Management or other system for time recording and other information exchange, or maybe they take too long to deploy, resulting in a high cost of ownership.

WorkSite is a recognised, leading solution in the legal market, providing extensive document and email management capabilities for firms small, medium and large. However, for many, the cost and time to design, implement and therefore benefit from the WorkSite solution can be seen as prohibitive.

Introducing WorkSite FastTrack from IRIS

With over a hundred successful WorkSite projects behind us, we’ve taken all the knowledge and skills we’ve built up, and combined them to provide an easily deployed packaged solution. We’ve automated installation steps, provided predefined file plans and preconfigured the solution to meet the needs of firms, small and large.

WorkSite FastTrack ensures that your firm is up and running in the shortest possible time, and all for a fixed, predictable cost. Smaller firms benefit from functionality and configurations normally reserved for larger firms. Larger firms benefit from rapid deployment, but with scope to further configure and customise to suit their needs.

Best Practice – Built-In

Regardless of the variant of WorkSite FastTrack, all implementations benefit from the same best practice that our experienced consultants, project managers, support engineers and others have all worked to build up over time. All those time saving techniques, scripts developed to automate manual configuration steps, often repeated tasks and much more, are built into WorkSite FastTrack.

By using methodologies proven time and time again, we’ve been able to consistently and reliably reduce the effort, time and cost involved in deploying WorkSite. This reduces risk from human error during implementation with fewer manual steps, or from untested scripts. You benefit from everything we’ve learnt over the course of those hundred plus previous projects.

To ensure your users are up and running and familiar with your newly deployed WorkSite solution, we’ve also developed an array of training materials. Built on our practical experience, our materials cover everything from the basics to advanced system administration. We also provide user quick reference guides that help your users quickly become familiar with the capabilities of your WorkSite FastTrack deployment.

We’ve also extended the core capabilities of WorkSite with a series of add-ons. Trashbin provides a “soft-deletion” facility that allows users and administrators to recover previously deleted content. Our Bulkloader enables fast import from file shares, the Microsoft Outlook client and PST email files, of single items or complete folder structures. Should the need arise, the Exporter means getting content out of WorkSite has never been easier, from a single item to an entire hierarchical structure.

Beyond Implementation – Improved Support

The benefits don’t end when the initial implementation is complete. By building a solution around a known set of configurations, when it comes to solving any problems that may arise, or when installing future updates, there’s no delay in understanding how the specific deployment has been configured. Our support team will know exactly how your solution is configured, saving valuable time when resolving support tickets.

You also benefit when it’s time for an update to the core WorkSite solution, our own scripts or add-ons too. We will have undertaken extensive testing of any updates away from your live system, ensuring the update process is fully tested and free from any problems. It’s then a much faster, less risky operation to implement the update to your production system, safe in the knowledge that strenuous testing has already been undertaken.

Summarizing FastTrack

Curious to find out if our WorkSite FastTrack approach matches your requirements and business environment? Contact us today, we’re more than happy to map our solution to your needs!

  • Fast implementation means you’re up and running quickly, with no fuss
  • Fixed, lower cost of deployment compared to bespoke project approaches
  • Benefit from our best practice experience gained from over a hundred WorkSite projects
  • Complete packaged solution includes everything necessary to be fully operational
  • Optional migration services provide seamless access to legacy and active matter content
  • Comprehensive training materials and reference materials for users
  • Tightly integrated to Microsoft Office for seamless operation
  • Prebuilt file plan based on extensive experience
  • IRIS add-on modules save time, provide consistency and ease of use
  • Automatically create new matters from Practice Management and other systems
  • Easy to manage security model via Active Directory