Who we are

I.R.I.S. Nederland is part of the I.R.I.S. Group, one of Europe’s largest specialists in enterprise information management. Our expertise encompasses strategic advice on information management, document digitisation, content management and the information lifecycle. All our products and services are geared towards raising the productivity of people and processes and improving a company’s data circulation.

With over 600 staff, I.R.I.S. is able to offer solutions in the areas of document digitisation (Input Management), Document Management, Records Management, Knowledge Management and Business Process Management. We have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Norway, the United States and Asia. Since 2013, I.R.I.S. has been part of Canon Europe, which allows us to lend our strength to Canon’s vision of further growth in enterprise information management and related business consultancy.


Our Mission

Our mission statement is: “To improve our customers’ productivity by helping them better manage their documents, data and information.”

It is always our aim to select the best solution for the customer, regardless of which software that might be.


A look back

I.R.I.S. was set up in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, in 1987. In the years that followed, proprietary software products were launched, which were primarily geared towards document digitisation (scanning) and optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

The stable growth that followed was achieved thanks to major contracts with hardware and software suppliers such as HP, Kodak, Adobe and Apple. These contracts made I.R.I.S.’ innovative technology and software immediately available to both consumers and the business market.


Worth knowing

I.R.I.S. is a stable, reliable, quickly-growing company. Our outstanding financial soundness is reflected in our readiness to act as long-term partners for our customers.

I.R.I.S. highly values customer satisfaction, and to achieve this, we exclusively supply professional project management; satisfy the most stringent ISO-9001/2000 standards; and give our specialists a high level of expert knowledge. Our customers can count on dedication from our commercial, administrative and technical teams.